How far along: 40 weeks

Size of baby: According to my doctor’s guess, baby weighs between 7.5 and 8 pounds. I think the baby is about 20 inches long.

Weight Gain: 32 pounds.

Symptoms: Somewhat regular, but not painful contractions. I actually went to Labor and Delivery because I thought I might be starting labor, and with my history and family history of fast-coming babies, I didn’t want to wait. Apparently, I have contractions that are doing nothing; not bringing the baby down, not causing any change, nothing. Other than that, I’m just experiencing general tiredness and discomfort.

Exercise: Not really. Going to make an effort for a nice walk today though.

Clothes: Maternity!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing specific.

Movement: Still having those strong pushes and occasional kicks under the ribs.

Worries: That this baby will never come. That my induction go terribly and/or end in a c-section because my baby refuses to come.

Milestones: Induction tomorrow!

Best Moment this Week: My parents are coming tonight. I’m anticipating that being pretty awesome because a.) my mom will feed me, b.) they will entertain Colton, and c.) it means I’m about to have a baby.