How far along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: Probably around seven pounds at this point. Maybe seven and a half.

Weight Gain: 31 pounds. This is the time I start packing it on because I loose all self-control. “I’m pregnant!” my brain says, “eat as much as you want while its still socially acceptable!”

Symptoms: Low pressure, lots of bathroom trips, super tired from about 1pm on, occasional contractions. All totally normal for this stage. I think I’m starting to swell just a bit, which I did with Colton. Then, I apparently was swollen just a tiny bit all over and didn’t notice until he was born and I started having night sweats, I’m assuming this is what’s happening this time. I’m also hoping it is contributing to at least some of my weight gain.

Exercise: More walks and a zoo trip where I carried C most of the time, but not enough to really be classified as exercise I don’t think.

Clothes: Maternity!

Cravings/Aversions: Chipotle…I think I could eat that every day for the rest of this pregnancy, even though I hadn’t eaten there in years until nine weeks ago. Apparently I have an aversion to Chick-fil-a, though I’m not sure if I’m truly adverse or if I’d just much rather be at Chipotle.

Movement: Still strong pushes, mostly consisting of Noodle pushing his bottom around. He made a funny sort of triangle shape the other day pushing his rear out.

Worries: Random things, like my water breaking in embarrassing public places. Some worries about crazy things going wrong in labor, but those are very easily tempered by my absolute love and trust of my doctor. I’m also worried about going in for my induction (scheduled for Tuesday!!) and not having dilated enough to have a successful one (meaning one that isn’t overly painful and ends in a c-section). I think I’m going to go for it regardless, as long as my doctor thinks it will be fine, but I feel a little stressed about it.

Milestones: None on the going into labor front. Last week I was barely a one and hardly effaced, as of Monday I was a two tunneling into a one, which is a lot more progress than I had the two weeks prior. It is slightly discouraging because I was a 2 to 2.5 at 38 weeks with Colton, so I just feel like I’m “behind.” But I’m trying to remind myself that something is happening, which is good, so I can’t complain too much about things going slower than I’d like. Plus, I still feel reasonably comfortable most of the time (and I get to have a baby! And soon!), so I really can’t complain or feel sorry for myself.

Best Moment this Week: I’ve been telling Colton that Noodle will come at the end of may, and he has been asking consistently for a while if it is the end of May yet. I finally told him it was the end of May this week, and his immediate reply was, “is Noodle coming out?” I told him no and he said, “I not ready to come out, I think.” I love that he understands as much as he does and is excited (at the moment) to have a little brother.