How far along: 35 weeks

Size of baby: Baby weighs about 5.5 pounds and is about 18 inches long.

Weight Gain: 26 pounds.

Symptoms: Total “pregnancy brain.” I know medical people say this doesn’t exist, but then why does every woman I’ve ever talked to experience this to some degree? Suddenly feeling a lot, lot more tired. I’ve also been feeling more low-pressure, which I’m hoping means baby is head down, getting ready to be born.

Exercise: Still none.

Clothes: Maternity clothes! Although, now I’m bummed I put away my wintery clothes, because its cooler here now and I’m too tired to mess with undoing and then needing to redo this.

Cravings/Aversions: Chocolate covered soy nuts. I ate this all the time with Colton, and have just started wanting them again.

Movement: Lots of strong pushes, some that even make my belly look distorted and triangular shaped. A week ago my Dr. said Noodle was head-down, and even though it feels like he can move everywhere, I’m going to assume that’s still correct.

Worries: I’m concerned with how Colton will handle being a big brother. My Bible Study group had a small shower for me last week, and when I told C we had presents for Noodle in the car he immediately looked disappointed and said, “but where my presents?” One of the ladies had sweetly included a little something for him, and I told him he had a small present and he perked right up, which is good, but just that he immediately felt left out made me worry about how he would do. I have some special things he will receive from the baby, he will get to pick a special present to give his brother, and have been talking to him about how much Noodle loves his big brother, all the fun things C can teach him, and how he is my big boy and good helper, all of which I hope will help ease the transition. All I can do is wait and see what happens.

Milestones: If Noodle Baby were born now, he would do well and likely not have any long-term health issues from being born early. He is mostly fully developed now, so his main job for the next 5 weeks will be gaining weight.

Best Moment this Week: Noodle’s room is finally painted! We also set up his crib and bassinet, and I dedicated Saturday to unpacking and refreshing our baby clothes. They are now clean, folded in drawers, ready for baby. He also has diapers! Nothing else is really ready for him, but if I suddenly and unexpectedly go into labor, we have the necessities ready.