32 weeks on Easter Sunday and visiting my grandparents.

32 weeks on Easter Sunday and visiting my grandparents.

How far along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: Baby weighs about 3.75 pounds,

Weight Gain: This is tough this week, since I ate a ton of dessert items over Easter weekend, I’m up to 24. Hopefully this will level off this week.

Symptoms: Still feeling more tired than I have been, especially after dinner time. But other than that, I feel good. I don’t have a lot of hip and back pain at the moment, which I’m very excited about.

Exercise: Nope; hence my ridiculous weight gain.

Clothes: All maternity, all the time.

Cravings/Aversions: No aversions, and craving lots of sweets.

Movement: Noodle baby is a strong kicker and seems to be all over the place.

Worries: Potty training. I’m worried I don’t have the physical or emotional stamina for this, but it must be done.

Milestones: Baby is growing some hair! His hair is beginning to get some pigment, so if I could see him, his hair color might be discernible.

Best Moment this Week: Colton randomly laid his head on my stomach and said, “I love you Noodle!”