Our playroom

When we first decided to create a play space outside of Colton’s room he was 18 months and we had just gotten him a train table. We tossed an old bookshelf from my husband’s college days in there for toy storage and called it a day. Later, I bought two bins for tossing some of his smaller toys into.


Lovely, no?

After a while, we knew this wouldn’t be a long term solution, but couldn’t decide what type of storage would work best for us. Aesthetically I wasn’t crazy about the three tired shelves with plastic bins so many places sell. Being able to see so many jumbled toys would have driven me nuts especially in a room I also wanted to double as a guest room a couple of times a year.

And all the toy storage I really loved, from Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod or Kidcraft were either too large for the space or just plain too expensive. Drat.

Part of my longer term solution was to get rid of some toys (and then we got new ones. Seriously, how do I curb this?) and rotate or just store some in our basement. Since we moved upstairs, my husband’s clothes are out of our hall closet, and we’re storing some toys like games, playdough, and other things that need more parent involvement in there.

IMG_0978When browsing IKEA on our trip to DC, we saw their TROFAST storage system, and thought it would be perfect for our needs. I loved that we could customize it with different size bins for our needs, that toys would be more hidden, but that we also had room on the top to display and store some of our larger toys.

IMG_0975 It’s been working wonderfully, and allowed us to rearrange the playroom that makes the room seem bigger. It also has room for Nathan’s swing, and play-space on the rug that’s great for building Legos and putting puzzles together. Colton really likes the art display, and we have another. I’m on the fence about hanging one underneath what we already have though. Any opinions?

IMG_0983We could hang the other over our sleeper sofa, but I’m not sure if I want to eventually hang family photos and/or put display shelves over the sofa. And that blue thing peeking out? A collapsible tent. Best thing ever!

IMG_1045Recently, I color-grouped the books on our bookshelves to make them feel more playroomy. I adore our Ballard bookcases, but they were feeling more formal than the room needed. Honestly, if there were anywhere else in the house they could go, I would consider moving them and getting a larger storage piece (maybe an cabinet or so we could really hide the toys!). Since there isn’t, this helps it fit more with the room, and as a bonus can hold more books!

IMG_0981Rounding out the room is our play table (free with three chairs from our church!) and puzzle storage. Puzzles don’t get a ton of use at our house, so I may eventually move those to our hall closet as well.

There are still lots of little projects I’d like to take on in this room like hooks for hanging backpacks and coats since we don’t have an entryway or other great space for this, possibly painting, adding forward-facing bookshelves, maybe an oil drip pan for magnet play, and hang the awesome rack I have matchbox car storage. We’re heading in the right direction though!