How Far Along: 24  weeks

Baby’s Size: Baby is about the size of an ear of corn.

Weight Gain: Looks like about 14.

Symptoms: It’s getting harder and harder to bend over and ‘m noticing stair climbing is wearing me out. The stairs in our house aren’t a big deal, but the three flights at church make me short of breath, and climbing the flight to C’s class (while carrying him and all his stuff) is also getting harder. Not sure if this is a symptom of my smaller lung capacity or my lack of exercise though. Morning dizziness is still hanging around, off and on.

Exercise: Still not happening.

Clothes: Pretty much all maternity. Maternity pants are still driving me nuts; I have one pair with a demi panel that works better than full panel pants (which slide down and pull my underwear with them), but now my stomach is so large that it pushes the band down under my belly. I have no idea why pants are such an issue for me this pregnancy.

Cravings/Aversions: Raw veggies aren’t palatable to me, cooked are okay, though I wouldn’t say I enjoy eating them, even the things I usually love.

Movement: More frequent and increasingly strong. Also, lots of low pressure.

Gender: Boy!

Worries: The dizziness started driving me so nuts that I’ve busted out my old glucose monitor. So far, all the numbers I’ve had have been within a normal range, which is good. I’m still mentally preparing myself to have Gestational Diabetes again, which doesn’t really worry me, but its more like I’m planning to need the 3 hour test, have to carve out time for “Diabetic Boot-Camp,” and how the dietary changes will impact our grocery budget. Since I’ve already had it, I know everything I need to do is achievable and truly isn’t a huge deal, its just something that’s on my mind.

Milestones: Viability!

Best Moment of the Week: Starting to firm up some plans for the baby’s room. It really just means I bought some bedding, decided I don’t want, and decided I’m going to piece together this baby’s bedding, which includes attempting to make my own crib skirt.