• Way back in September, we took Colton to a Day Out with Thomas at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. We were prepared for him to loose his mind with excitement. Instead, he spent the whole morning looking like this: DSC01454When we left for lunch he started talking non-stop. “I see Thomas. I ride on Thomas with Nona and Popa. I see the trains. I want go back!”
  • I never blogged about Christmas, but that was an event C really did loose his mind over. He loved helping decorate our Christmas trees and every morning he would ask, “Mommy, you not turn on our Christmas lights?” He especially loved visiting my grandparents and putting Christmas decorations on various people. We then had to sing “Oh Mommy Tree” or “Oh Nona Tree,” depending on who he had decorated.
  • We have a mile-long list of things we’d like to do before this baby comes. Among them are: finally finish the upstairs desk and closet, paint the baby’s room, get a new sleeper sofa for the den, and clean, organize and get rid of things from all over the house. So far I feel like I’m making decent progress with purging and organizing. I managed to free up a lot of room in the kitchen, so much so that I should be able to keep a bottle drying rack in a cabinet by our sink, which will free up a lot of counter space.
  • I’ve decided we’re going to have a birthday party for C this year, despite the fact that I will probably have, at most, a one month old. He’s really into birthday parties these days, and thankfully we can have the party at our church, which has a bounce house and lots of toys for the kids (bikes, lawn mowers, balls), so that will take some pressure off. C really wants a Mater party, which should be easy enough to pull off with all the different Cars party options. His real wants are balloons, a bounce house, cake, and cones you can drink from. That all seems do-able, and if I only do that, he will be happy. Ideally I’d like to do some cute things, probably small things I can put together before hand, but I’m not sure what sort of expectations are realistic. Anyone thrown a birthday party with a newborn who can offer me some advice?
  • We’ve had a couple of snows lately, and C has been in heaven. Of course, he doesn’t look at all like he’s enjoying himself in any photos, but each time we’ve told him he can play in the snow of that we have more snow, he is beside himself with glee.
    DSC01985My personal favorite moment was when I got him up from his rest time to tell him we had more snow. He jumped out of bed and said, “Oh boy bulldoze! The new snow came, the new snow came! Yay! We can make ‘nother snowman!”