How Far Along: 22 weeks

Baby’s Size: Baby is now about 11 inches long and weighs about a pound.

Weight Gain: When I last weighed myself, it was looking like 10-11 pounds, which would mean I lost weight from last week? I don’t think that’s quite right, but I like feeling like I’ve gained less, so I won’t complain.

Symptoms: Still some residual dizziness, but mostly what I’m feeling is round ligament pain, plus some random pains that I think are a product of the baby being so low. It’s also become very hard for me to bend over or reach to grab something on the floor from a chair. I don’t remember having that this early with Colton, so it must be another result of having a baby that likes to hang out very low.

Exercise: Still not happening.

Clothes: Maternity shirts fit great. Maternity pants, on the other hand, still aren’t working well for me.

Cravings/Aversions: None that are too strong, but I’ve been craving pizza the last few days. That also might be because I have a frozen pizza and I’m not feeling motivated to cook.

Movement: Movement is becoming more and more frequent. One of the things I feel the most is a hard, pressing sensation (usually on my right where my placenta isn’t) that feels like the baby is trying to push his way out with his head. I’ve also felt him kicking or hitting my cervix, which was a very interesting feeling.

Gender: Boy!

Worries: Not too many this week, thankfully. Everytime I’ve thought, “I haven’t felt the baby in a while…” and start worrying, I feel the baby, which has done a lot to ease my mind.

Milestones: I feel like the baby weighing a pound is a pretty big milestone! Also, I made my first nursery-related purchase.

Best Moment of the Week: Deciding, with C’s help, that this baby should be called Noodle. Some of his other suggestions include tree, train, bulldozer and grass, but I think Noddle is the winner!DSC02051