How far along: 16 weeks

Size of baby: about the size of an avacado

Weight Gain: +6 pounds

Symptoms: Serious hip pain – things are stretching out and I can really, really feel it. Just this evening working with 3 year olds at church I felt like an old woman just walking around. And I’m really noticing that I’m much hungrier this week. In fact, I’ve woken up a few times in the middle of the night because I’m hungry.

Exercise: Still none, other than wrestling, carrying and running after C.

Clothes: I’m pretty much wearing all maternity except for a few shirts and sweaters. I’m still too small for a lot of my maternity things, but too big for my regular things. I really don’t have much in the way of long-sleeved maternity tops, because I apparently wore a lot of regular tops still with C during the winter. I don’t feel like I look much bigger at this point than I did with him, so I’m guessing things are distributed differently? I feel like my pre-pregnancy tops are too small in an all over sort of way rather than just not being long enough to cover my belly as they were the first time around.
Cravings/Aversions: If its a carb, I like it. Bread, cookies, cereal bars, oatmeal, and fruits are all good. Pretty much any sweet is good too. I’m also really enjoying omelets a couple of times a week.

Movement: I’m pretty sure I’m feeling some movement! It feels nothing like bubbles or fluttering described in books and websites, nor is it really what I remember feeling with C. It feels more something inside me crawling (kind of like an inchworm) or like my stomach is going numb. I know it isn’t gas, hunger, my uterus stretching, or cramps, so that pretty much leaves the baby.

Worries: Pretty much the same old, same old constantly worried. But I feel like the worry is lessening, which is good.

Milestones: 16 week heart-rate check — baby was doing well and we got to schedule our 20 week anatomy scan!

Best moment of the week: Taking C with us to our appointment and seeing him get completely shy when the doctor tried to engage him in helping measure my belly and hold the Doppler. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed taking him; he was very interested in hearing everything we were going to do. Really, anytime C is engaged in what is going on is a great moment for me — it gives me great hope that my children will always get along!