Poor C is sick. Actually, I think we are all sick. The husband got it first over Thanksgiving, then I got it, and now Colton seems to have been hit with it. Not too bad, mostly just congestion and coughing, but apparently that makes me seriously dizzy when I’m pregnant? I had to ask my husband to come home from work since I felt like I would fall over every time I stood up. And, in an attempt to be helpful and change C’s diaper, felt like I was about to pass out.

C seems to be doing pretty well, in general, but he had some serious problems with that cough last night. And one point, the husband was with him (because he was awake and I was asleep) and he was crying, “Mommy! Mommy! I want Mommy!” So of course I woke up and when down to him, and he immediately grabbed onto me with a death grip, cried, and said, “I need special medicine!” He woke up this morning crying for me, and when I went to get him he told me he felt yucky. Now, however, he’s raring to go!

The nurse at his doctor’s office said I could give him some benadryl before naps and bed to help with the drainage that’s making him cough. Here’s hoping it actually makes him sleepy and not extra hyper. Lord knows mama needs a nap too.