On one of our recent Pajama Days (our solitary day a week where we do not have to leave the house unless we choose), Colton and I hung out on the kitchen floor and made some spin art. This was a super fun, super simple project, so I have to share.

All you need is a salad spinner, paint (we used finger paint), paper, and some tape.

Simply secure your paper to the inside of the spinner with tape. I found the paint sprayed a bit better if I elevated the paper off of the center bump.

Drop some paint randomly over your paper. After some experimenting, we found small drops spread over the whole paper gave us the best results.


Take the top off and admire your “beautiful painting.”

We’re desperately low on finger paint, and this was the perfect project for us since it doesn’t require a lot of paint to make a cool painting. And clean up is a breeze – just rinse your salad spinner and all the paint is gone. Plus, there’s no need to give your toddler a bath since at the very worst they may have some paint on their hands.

C’s favorite part was spinning. He enjoyed doing it by himself, then taking turns with me yelling, “your turn! My turn!” This project gets both of our stamps of approval.