Colton is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine.

I’m not really sure how it happened, I think we might have shown him an episode on Netflix, or maybe he fell in love playing with the train table at Barnes and Noble, or it could have all started when we took him to the local Transportation Museum on his first birthday. Either way, Colton is one of Thomas and Friends’ biggest fans.
And my husband and I have fully supported and taken on his love. We’ve bought a train table, lots of track and trains, books, and are taking him to ride on “Big Thomas” soon. And my husband recently took it a step further.

He had been reading online about making your own track and “destinations” (sheds, tunnels, stations and whatnot) for train sets, but had decided most of it was way to much work to undertake, especially when he was still working on our upstairs project. Or, at least that’s what I thought, until I went downstairs one evening to check on his progress with baseboards. Where he was building a shed for Thomas.

It didn’t take him too long to put it together using scrap wood, and I’m told it was a nice break from painting and baseboard cutting. Colton saw it when Daddy was staining it, and was super excited. It was hard to wait until it was polyed and fully dry.

It doesn’t look like the typical Thomas destinations, but Colton loves his “Thomas House” Daddy built him. And I love that his Daddy took the time to make him something he loves so much.