This post, when the tiling in our shower was just getting started, is the last time I blogged about our upstairs reno. Yikes! Quite a bit has happened since then, and the easiest way for me to sum it is this:

The Ugly: We ended up having to “terminate our contract” with our framer/drywaller. He initially quoted us 3 days to have everything drywalled, mudded, doors installed, etc. Six weeks later and he still wasn’t done. He also didn’t seem to understand that the work he had done was either not completed or very, very sub-par. And he was a drama queen. We chose not to pursue getting any money back through small claims court (but I think we could have) and didn’t pay him the piddly amount remaining on our contract. I still have plenty of pictures of work he thought was adequate and complete, in case he suddenly decides he wants a few hundred dollars. I’m convinced he sincerely believes he’s an excellent builder, and honestly wish him no ill-will, but man am I glad he’s gone!

The Bad: We’re still not moved-in. The floor where there once were walls needs to be refinished, another closet system needs to be installed, a few doors are waiting for paint, and our bedroom electrical needs to be grounded before we move up. Once we’re finally in, we will still need to paint and install shelves in the storage closet, build the desk for the office area,  ground the electrical here, and address the original, solid-wood door our framer royally screwed up (will we try to fix it and use it or replace it, and if so, with what?) before we completely finish.

The first piece of marble we had delivered broke during install. This is, apparently, is a very occurrence with veined marbles. After the installers had the marble safely up the stairs and on top on the vanity, they gently lifted it up to install our under-mount sinks. And it snapped in half. It was such a pretty piece of marble too. Thankfully, we were working with a wonderful local company (I cannot imagine what this would have been like with a big-box store or less-personable, customer oriented company). They, thankfully, had another similar slab on order, any deposit you make with them is transferable to another slab (so if we had changed our minds prior to install, we could have picked another slab), and we had another counter top in our house within two weeks. The best part was that once it arrived and they were getting ready to cut it, they realized it was a good bit darker than the slab we originally used. They called me immediately to come out and approve it and had already selected the lightest part for our counter top. Working with them was an awesome experience; I’m paying them a visit the next time I’m in the market for counter tops.

The Good: The bathroom is pretty much complete at this point! We need to put the hardware on our vanity, pull up some of the cardboard protecting the tile and clean, but all of the big stuff is complete. And I think it looks fabulous.

My husband has been working very, very hard to get everything finished over the past couple of months. He’s fixed the drywall, painted, installed a booster fan and new ceiling fan to keep the space cooler, installed bathroom mirrors, an exhaust fan, baseboard, and my closet system. I’m sure he’s done other things I don’t know about and don’t remember.

I’m loving this pot stand I purchased from a local architectural salvage shop. I’m planning on stocking it with some extra towels and toilet paper, and a cute box to hide some essential hygiene products one wants handy in the bathroom. I love the size, the curved handle at the top, and the color. Thirty-eight bucks well spent!