Last night, we ordered Chinese food from our new favorite carryout place. There are really only two things I order when I get Chinese, pepper steak or sesame chicken (with the occasional egg drop soup or egg roll thrown in).

I opened last night’s styrofoam box of pepper steak, and suddenly remembered…

…a few months ago when C and met a friend and her daughter at the pool. I was newly pregnant at the time, and thought that would be one of my few pool-going opportunities. Afterwards, I was tired and STARVING, so we decided to get $5 carryout boxes (all you can stuff in there) from our friends’ favorite buffet and eat at their house.

…walking to the historic part of my college town, picking up Chinese (good ‘ol pepper steak), on the way to watch the annual Christmas parade. We sat in the historic apothecary, where one of my friends worked, and ate and watched the parade from inside, instead of standing out in freezing temperatures. The apothecary had plantation shutters on the windows, so we had to peek between them to see. It also housed leaches.

…sitting on the floor of my friend’s dorm room, watching movies and talking while we ate our food (sesame chicken for me, this time). Later, we sat on her sofa, snuggled together, and talked and laughed until her roommate came back and looked at us like we were insane.

…exam week freshman year, where a bunch of us ordered delivery together, but ended up having to pay our bill mostly in dimes, nickles and pennies, because that’s all the money any of us had left.

….how exciting it was when we ordered Chinese when I was a kid. My dad would drive to pick it up, pull it out of the bag, and put it on our kitchen island, where I would anxiously open all the containers, looking for mine (this was the beginning of my love affair with pepper steak), and eeewing at grossness that was my dad’s sweet and sour chicken.

…sitting in our apartment, with the lights off, newly married, eating Chinese while having a Lord of the Rings marathon. We were sitting on our tiny, hand-me-down, recline-able, 80’s-tastic loveseat, which I believe we had reclined, and spent the whole day watching the movie or napping.

…the notoriously bad fortunes in my college’s dinning hall fortune cookies, and how to make them more interesting we always added, “between the sheets.” Immature, yes, but it sure was funny.

Last night’s fortune was made 10 times better with the addition of “between the sheets.”