Growing up, “Hallmark Holidays” like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day were not big deals in our house. We celebrated them, but usually just by doing things like making my Mom lunch and agreeing to do whatever she asked us to do without complaining or arguing. As teenagers, my brother and I may have taken her to lunch at Outback, which we enjoyed much more than she did.

It should come as no surprise then, that Mother’s Day in my house now wasn’t a huge to-do. The husband reheated my baked oatmeal and brought it to me in bed, which was very nice. He tried to get Colton to bring my present to me in bed, but the box was about as big as he was, and he stood in the doorway, holding it, crying “Daddy hold it!” So that was a bust, but a cute one. (My Mother’s Day gift was a drawer for my new closet system that will hopefully be installed in the next two weeks.)

My biggest wish for Mother’s Day was to get a good picture with my wonderful child. We tried before church, because I thought C would be in the best mood.

I wanted to hold him, he wanted to stand next to Mommy. And by next, he meant far away.

So I thought, why not crouch down next to him so we’d at least be about the same height. He thought that would be fun to do too!

Then we tried after church, and sadly, I think this is the best we got for our Mother’s Day photo. Oh well, that’s life with a toddler, right?

The other two things I really wanted to do for Mother’s Day were make ice cream and go on a walk as a family.

Making strawberry ice cream was a hit with C, and it tasted great too! I followed this recipe, which was super easy and tasty to boot. I used heavy cream and found the ice cream really, really rich. Next time, I’ll use half and half, and I think it will be plenty rich. I also loved that Colton could help me with every step of this recipe since no cooking was involved. It was a great family activity.

We got our walk in too, although it was a short one. By the time Colton woke up from his nap and we mixed up the ice cream, it had started sprinkling, so we cut our walk short. We had leftovers for dinner and neighbors over to share ice cream. And then my husband cleaned the kitchen.

I told my friend it was a wonderful Mother’s Day. Since my husband did all of the cleaning from lunch, dinner and our ice cream making, I was able to enjoy lots of quality time with Colton without the work that is usually associated with our projects. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.