Last night, we went on an unexpected trip to a local strawberry patch with some friends of ours. We were expecting to go a few weekends from now, but with our unseasonably warm weather, the strawberries were early. The husband had just finished work on a submittable, so he could come home from work a bit early. I figured, why not go!

I’m so glad we did.

We had a great time, and so did Colton. We hadn’t been out for more than five minutes when he realized he could chow down on the strawberries instead of just putting them in our bucket. By the time we left, his face, pants and shorts were covered with red juice.

Two of his friends were there, and he had a great time chasing them up and down rows of strawberries. While picking, I had overheard a family talking about getting some of their ice cream when they finished picking. I’m always up for ice cream, so we all had a cup of the most delicious strawberry ice cream for dinner.

For $18, we got all the strawberries we could fit into two buckets, plus everything we ate. Another five got us each delicious ice cream. What does eighteen dollars of strawberries look like?

I let them all soak for a while in the sink with a cup of vinegar, which is supposed to prolong their lives. An added bonus? I had a really clean sink, once I rinsed out all the strawberry dirt.

I’ve already frozen some berries, and have plans to make and can freezer jam with about half of the berries. We’ve also got big plans to make strawberry ice cream; we might even share some of it with friends!

Source: via Mary-Carolyn on Pinterest

Of course, I plan to eat a fair amount too. I’m thinking I may still have some left over, even after all of that. Do you have a recipe I must use with my amazingly delicious berries?