• Today is my birthday! It started off with breakfast in bed, and singing from my husband. He tried to get Colton to sing too, but he just cried.
  • My friend’s four year old decided that, since today was my birthday, I should have a party. So he threw me one. He made me a cake, cut flowers for me, hung up an old balloon, and bought me a gift. That’s right, I am now the proud owner of a penguin kite. I also got to eat the first piece of cake because it was my birthday. Four year olds are awesome.
  • Our upstairs bathroom is starting to look great. All of our tile is down, and most of the wall tile and some of the floor tile is grouted. I’m really getting an idea of what the space will look finished, and I am loving it.
  • Also, we had a template made for our marble countertop. I’m dying to see it in place; I think it’s really going to help me pick a wall color, although right now I’m leaning towards a nice, soft gray.
  • My son is running around naked while my husband warms up his bath water.
  • For my birthday dinner, Colton helped me decide to eat pancakes, so we had dinner at IHOP. It might not have been the swankiest birthday dinner, but it was fun to celebrate with my toddler, who thoroughly enjoyed his banana pancakes.