My toddler is a stinker.

I still adore him though! This month has been all about testing boundaries and consequences. For example, when I ask Colton to stop and come back to me, he will frequently stop, turn and face me, grin, and then run in the opposite direction. That earns him an automatic time-out. So does hitting me, Daddy, or anyone else. For all other offenses he receives at least one warning before I implement a consequence. Lately, he’s even pushing the boundaries while he’s in time-out. He knows I ask him to look at me when I come to get him out of his chair, and when he sees me coming, he covers his eyes and laughs.

I knew that oven lock would come in handy!

He’s developing his sense of humor, and loves to be called a silly boy. Mostly this comes in the form of him answering us with made-up words, calling us things like “MommyGaGa,” and putting things on his head. A stand-up comedian he is not.

This month, I’ve also realized how much of a ring-leader Colton can be. I’ve seen several different situations where he convinces other kids to chase him, run around like crazy people, or just do whatever he think is fun.

I love hearing Colton’s broken sentences. Some of my favorites are: “blanket, white truck, show you,” “Mommy hold you,” “Daddy, stroller ride push,” and “Colton do it self!” He also says “uh-huh” after most of his statements of fact or specific things he wants to do, like “Colton, trains read, uh-huh.”

I’m so very thankful this kid is mine.