I thought it would be fun to share with y’all a photo from my most recent shopping trip. This was by no means a typical week, as we’re receiving dinners this week after a set of difficult circumstances. And, due to said circumstances (which I will maybe, probably blog about later), I’m not feeling up to cooking, so this trip was more about making sure we had some easy, emergency dinners on hand and stocking up on a few things for meals next week.

That lovely stack of food includes: hot dog buns, baby carrots, 2 Kashi frozen meals, YoBaby and YoToddler yogurts, strawberries, Coke Zero, V8 Splash, three fruit cups, a bag of sugar, Dole Salad Mix, three grapefruit, Greek yogurt, onion, BirdsEye steam-able veggies, 2 bags of cheese, Fiber One, juice boxes, two apples, vanilla extract, two ears of corn, two bags of frozen green beans, canned pumpkin, tortilla chips, butter, two cans of refrigerated biscuits, WhoNu Oreo-style cookies, two packages Ball Park franks, Kroger’s Private Selection Ice Cream, and bananas.

Most of the produce I purchased this week, including the frozen green beans, is what I would purchase in a typical week. I’m a big grapefruit and carrot eater, and Hubs is a big banana fan, so those are always on the list. The rest of the items are things we tend to only purchase occasionally, like the chips, cereal and hot dogs. The last time I purchased juice boxes was for Colton’s first birthday; the boxes I purchased this week are for his second birthday party (there was a sale, and I had a coupon, making this the perfect time to buy).

I always shop with at least some coupons, and try to make sure the bulk of my items are on store special as well. I did really well this week, thanks in large part to a $5 off a $50 purchase store coupon. My store also doubles coupons up to fifty cents, and I saved $1.50 extra that way this week. Some weeks I only have one coupon, and some weeks I have ten, but I think it all balances out.