Last month, I mentioned Colton started calling himself “Ten.” Over the past month he’s definitely developed a preference for being called Ten or Tenny. I love hearing him call himself Tenny-Ten; I think it’s one of the most adorable things he does.

Colton’s favorite things are still Thomas Trains, Curious George and trucks. He knows all of the major Thomas characters, and many of the minor ones as well. His favorite train is Thomas, but his favorite Thomas and Friends personality is Jack, a tractor.

Colton also greatly enjoys being outside, especially when he gets to play with rocks or dirt. At the park, he usually hands me fist-fulls of mulch, or just dumps it on his head. He also likes to pick out a “special rock” that I take home. We don’t do anything particular with the rock when we get home, but I love seeing him look at the rocks and select one that seems interesting to him.

Colton’s vocabulary doesn’t seem to have exploded as much as it has in previous months (though that may be because he has been so verbal that I don’t notice new words as much), but his enunciation has improved. Now, fish sounds like fish, rather than a curse word.

He’s working on sentences, though most are only three words, like “Mommy get it.” Most of his sentences are either commands or statements of what he sees; we don’t really have any “real” conversations yet. Colton does say please, but he won’t say “Mommy get it please.” Normally, when he says something like “Mommy get it,” I’ll ask him to say “Mommy get it please.” Usually he’ll say “Mommy please.” I don’t know if he can’t remember more than three words together or if more than three words is just too much effort or what, but I know it will come.

I worked with Colton over the past month or so to cut down drastically on his pacifier use. Prior to our cutting back, he just walked around with it in his mouth all day long. It did nothing to soothe him when he was upset, and I knew it had just become a habit for him to have, rather than being soothing. Now he only uses his pacifier for nap and nighttime, and is doing GREAT. I do allow him to use his pacifier, if he needs it, when he’s in his bed. This usually happens only occasionally after nap, and I would say he stays in the bed for 5-10 minutes until he’s ready to put his pacifier down and get out of the bed.

He is getting so big!