At the end of January, I completed my third round of freezer cooking. We’ve now tried all of our meals (though I still have several in the freezer), and thought I would give a round-up of how we liked everything this time around.

Freezer Friendly Baked Oatmeal – We’ve made this every time we’ve cooked, and we’ve liked it every time.

Sausage Balls – This was our second time making this, and they’re still a hit.

Pizza Bites – Good, but we all liked the roll-ups better. If I made these again, I would go lighter on the Italian Seasoning.

Taco Roll Ups – Everyone loved these. One family added sour cream to their taco meat and liked them even better than our last batch. Colton adores these and calls them “Taco Bread.”

Lazy Enchiladas – I really liked eating these (and LOVED the cottage cheese in them), but the girl that made them said she thought making regular enchiladas on cooking day (since our chicken would be pre-cooked) was actually easier, since we wouldn’t have to cook and shred chicken, then put everything together. I’m thinking I’ll make these on a night I want enchiladas but don’t have any in the freezer.

Chicken Tacos Yum! Colton loves tacos and chicken, so this was a hit. Alas, there are never enough leftovers.

Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Filing – All three families LOVE this. It is super easy to make, especially if you use leftover chicken. I think it was even tastier than last time, which I attribute to using my friend’s homemade salsa recipe (I will post it soon!).

Chicken Potato Casserole – This was okay. It had good flavor, but was a little dry. I’m not sure if in tripling the sauce recipe it actually made less, or if it just isn’t meant to be a super saucy recipe.

Tomato Pasta Bake – This was, I’m told, a more difficult and time consuming recipe to put together (I didn’t make it!). I thought it was super yummy though; it had a nice, sweeter flavor to it, and was great served with a simple grilled chicken and some broccoli.

Pizza Dough – I give up on freezing pizza dough. I am not very good at working with yeast, and I think my inability really shows when I try to freeze dough. I had high hopes this time, since the dough rose nicely prior to freezing, but it was not so hot after freezing. I would LOVE to make this crust and use it right away, especially since it looked so yummy when I first made it.

Brown Sugar Chicken and Honey Garlic Chicken – These were both okay, but not super exciting. They’re good mix and dump recipes, so I would make them again if I wanted to make freezer meals quickly, but might not come back to them during a “regular” freezer cooking session.

Ham Mac N Cheese – Everyone loves this one. I made it for Thanksgiving, and my cousins loved it. My brother asked for the recipe and made it for his work potluck (he works in a restaurant), where everyone loved it. One recipe makes two casseroles and they’re super easy to put together, so you could easily make one to eat right away, and one for the freezer.

Greek Inspired Chicken – I liked this and Hubby LOVED it. Colton could take it or leave it, as could the other families who made it. We generally like Greek-style food, so maybe that had something to do with it, but since this is a mix and dump recipe, I will definitely make it again. Oh, we used boneless, skinless chicken breasts as well as some bone-in thighs, rather than the whole chicken the original recipe called for.

We had some recipes that were just alright, but none were total duds, which makes me very happy. What have you been freezing lately? We’re getting ready to plan our next session, and I’m always looking for tried and tested recipes!