We’re starting to finalize our decisions for our upstairs remodel, and I couldn’t be more excited. The design and decision process has been an interesting one, to say the least. The Husband and I have very different concerns and areas of focus when it comes to this project (and life in general). I want the end result to look fabulous regardless of cost, and he wants all of the stuff you don’t see (wiring, plumbing, etc) to meet his standard, for the least possible amount of money.

I really want this project to be fun and not be a source contention between the Hubs and I. Since we focus on two vastly different aspects of projects, they tend to be. Something Kim said in a post about her bathroom remodel has been stuck in my head (Kim, I have looked everywhere for this little gem you said, and I can’t find it! I know I’m not making it up!) Anyway, the gist of what she said was, “you don’t have to have your dream everything to have a bathroom you love.”

And y’all, I want plumbing that works. So, I’ve been trying to be zen and compromising about some elements. And practical too. My dream vanity for the space?


I love the simple lines of it, the more furniture-like feet at the bottom, the arch, and pretty much everything about it. At $1229, it’s quite pricey, which didn’t make Hubs happy. So, I set off in search of something I could be happy with at Lowes, our favorite big-box store, and found:


I don’t love it, but it has nice simple lines, an arch in the toe-kick, is solid wood with dovetail construction, and drawers. The drawers are a great bonus for me, since I think they’ll make keeping all our things organized much easier. And with an awesome marble top and the right hardware, I think it will end up looking great, for half the price of my “dream” vanity.

And our tile. My vision was for white subway tile on the walls and some sort of hex tile on the floors. Our plumber/tiler showed us some vintage-style tiles he had leftover from another project, and offered to give us the leftover tiles for free. They’re not totally square, and are so much more awesome than the slightly less expensive, perfectly square tiles available at Lowes. These tiles, made by Florida Tile, are made in the USA and sold through a local small business. Plus, we would only need the tiles for our wainscoting, there were enough leftover tiles for the entire shower. Decision made. We would spend a little more on those tiles.

The same local tile store and three great selections for the floor: and octagon and dot (where the dot is a square), penny rounds, and a one-inch hex tile. The tiny hex tile was my favorite, but way over budget. The octagon and dot was my husband’s favorite, and the least expensive of the three options. But, Lowes sold a similar tile, which would save us at least $200.

We talked it over with our plumber/tiler, and decided this would be a good option for us. After all, $200 would cover the cost of one faucet and one medicine cabinet. It  might not be my dream tile, but I think with a nice gray grout, it will wonderful, and I’ll be happy with it for years to come.

I’m starting to be able to see this come together, and I can’t wait. It may not have every element I’ve dreamed of, but I think it’s going to be even better than I dreamed it could be.