This past month, Colton’s biggest obsession has been to be big.

These days, he will only occasionally sit in his booster seat, and when he does, its always sans tray and straps. I’m very excited that he eats off the table, but I do wish he would sit in the booster seat for more meals just so he could reach the table better. If I try to put him in his booster and he wants to sit in a regular chair, he’ll say, “Big Mommy. Big,” meaning he’s a big boy. We’re now working on keeping ourselves in our chair during meals.

20 months old and full of personality.

The last couple of days have been a little rough obedience wise. Colton recently told me “no” when I told him to do something recently. Now, he’s ignored me when I’ve told him to do something before, but he’s never outright told me no. Oh well, it won’t be last time that happens. Also, the tantrums have become more and more frequent. I’m trying to be patient and I try to help him express himself (ie; “I know you’re mad. You wanted to go outside, but we have to come in and cook dinner.”), which seems to help. I’ve seen a big improvement with tantrums over one particular thing lately that’s just a result of consistency, so I’m hoping that will help over time as well.

In the past month, Colton has become fond of puzzles, which makes me really happy. I was ever so slightly worried he was behind in his fine motor skills since he wasn’t doing puzzles, but then I realized the one large knob puzzle we have has lots of grooves for the pieces to fit in, which actually makes it harder than the smaller knob, ages 2 and up puzzles I had saved for when he was older. He’s getting good at those now!

Colton’s vocabulary is still insane. I stopped counting words about a month ago, but I would guess he probably has at least 200 now, including some three syllable words. He’s also beginning to have parts of some books memorized or will tell us the words based on the picture. His favorite book to help “read” is “The Eye Book,” but he also really likes “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Thomas and Friends ABCs.”

I was putting a few things away in the kitchen one day, and turned around to see a little bookworm.

Colton’s favorite past times include: running outside, reading books, playing with his toy microwave, looking for rocks, looking for trucks and tractors, feeding the dog, vacuuming, and helping me with laundry. He recently loaded and entire load of whites for me while I folded laundry. He needed help a few times when things slid out of the washer, but for the most part he loaded it entirely on his own. Wednesday, some friends of ours were meeting at Barnes and Noble for story time and then having lunch. I asked Colton, who was currently “vacuuming” if he would like to go play with his friends and he said, “No Mommy. Bacuum.” So he vacuumed a bit more than said, “Mommy car. Go.”

Some other fun personality traits/skills/strange things he does include: rubbing one particular corner of his blanket under his nose to comfort himself, walking backwards, calling himself Ten, calling me Mommy-o, loving to shave, finding his parents a pair of shoes if they don’t have any on, and will always come running if I’m putting make-up on.