I’ve mentioned here and there on the blog that we plan to renovate our upstairs. In fact, that’s been the plan since we put our first offer in our home. It’s only taken us three years to be at cusp of making that plan a reality.

Our house is an 1800 (finished) square foot Cape Cod with an unfinished basement. Downstairs, we have a kitchen, dining room, living room, den, two bedrooms and a full bath with shower. The upstairs was listed at two bedrooms and a full bath, but the door from the stairs opens directly into one “bedroom” and the bath is directly off of the other bedroom, which makes the layout a little impractical for a two bedroom space. The tiny bath has a claw foot tub I adore, but is impractical in a space for adults who mostly shower, especially since the bathroom can only hold one adult at a time, unless one of them is standing in the tub.

The plan is to take the space from two technical bedrooms into a master suite, complete with shower, double sinks, and walk-in closet. Since I’ve been using part of the space for sewing and other projects, we also decided to include an office area. Thankfully, my father the architect is along for the ride, or this project would be super overwhelming.

Immediately after we moved in, my dad drew up a plan for the eventual renovation. It was awesome! But, we had just purchased a house and had no money. Then we had a kid. We still didn’t have a ton of money, but we realized we needed to re-do the upstairs to make the house work for us for as long as we planned to stay here. The time we spent living in the space was really an asset in terms of drawing up plans, because we realized we needed to tweak them so we had less closet space and some office/crafting space. The space will still be a bit “quirky” and door-heavy, but I will have a walk-in closet! And my own sink! And more storage space!

In terms of style, this was my most favorite inspiration picture:


There’s not a gosh-darned thing I don’t love about this space. Obviously, my space is not going to end up looking like this, but it’s just inspiration. The plan for our space? White subway tile for the shower and walls, white hex tile for the floors and a white vanity.