Back in November, I went to Richmond to hang out with Sarah, Caroline, and their sister-in-law, Theresa. Colton and Joseph were along for the ride! Now, Colton first “met” Joseph back when he was two months old, but Joseph was a whopping four months old, and could do amazing things like hold his head up and sit propped upright. All Colton could do was eat, spit up and poop all over his clothes. Then, Colton and Joseph were together again in May, but Colton wasn’t walking yet.

This time, the playing field was even. Colton never spends time with boys his age (everyone I know, go to church with AND Bible Study with has girls Colton’s age. No boys.). Now, Colton loves hairbows and can play baby dolls with the best of them, but that testosterone has given him an innate love for rocks, trucks and tractors. I was super excited for him to play with Joseph and find a kindred spirit in all things boys love. Instead, I found a study in all the ways Colton and Joseph are complete opposites.

Joseph wanted to feed Colton "crackers" (Chex), which was really, really cute. And sweet.

Except Colton wanted nothing to do with Joseph's sweetness. He's covering his mouth with his hand so Joseph has no chance of sneaking that cracker in.

But then! A beautiful moment when Sarah busted out her child-hood doctor's kit.

Dr. Joseph checked out Colton's throat and gave him a clean bill of health.

Sarah also had a great train set. Joseph was about building the tracks.

He also was great at putting the trains together (they were hook and eye attachments, and not very easy to put together). Colton thought, "hmm...I don't think you're going this right Joseph."

"Here Joseph, let me sit in your lap and show you. These work much better as projectiles!"

Colton and Joseph were both in agreement that our fun birdseed craft was icky...

...but Colton grew to like it and the patting it required.

Joseph decided cake balls were more his style.

The boys were both crazy about pushing this bucket of flour all over the house.

They both also thought running through this net was awesome!

Until Colton tripped and fell and stayed down saying "Fall. Fall. Faaaall," until we all properly ackowledged his fall. Joseph just looked at him like, "what on earth are you doing kid?" My son the drama queen.

Still, they agreed this truck was fun, and that the steering wheels needed to spin!

Still, I think they had a great time together. The jury’s still out as to whether or not Joseph likes me, and since I attempted to wipe his nose, I think it’s leaning more towards not. I had an awesome time with the girls (Theresa is especially hysterical) and can’t wait to get together with them (and their babies!) again soon!