If I had to characterize this past month with one phrase, I would say separation anxiety. More than anything else, this has characterized 18 months for me.

Apparently, this is developmentally normal for 18 month-olds, but it sure is awful! Colton wailed every time we left him in the church nursery, so much so that he would be brought to us by the service hour because he was inconsolable. If we went into a new situation, even if we were staying with him, he would cry. I’ve been doing a ton of preparation with him, “Mommy is going to stay with you and we will have fun!” or “Mommy is going to leave you to play with your friends, but I will be right back, and you will have fun!” and it seems to be helping, as we’ve had a good week being in the church nursery, story time and music class with a little crying at the beginning, but warming up and having a great time by the end.

Ready for music class - before the tears.

Speaking of music class, Colton has been to two classes now, and seems to be enjoying it. Basically, the class is “music and movement” for toddlers. There are two leaders who sing with the kids, and each song either has motions or things for the kids to play with during the song (stars for “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” a marching song, bells to shake, etc.) and they listen to a classical piece of music each class. The best part? There is a giraffe puppet named GiGi who comes to visit for the second half of the class. The first class was pretty awful; he clung to me, cried, told me, “car, go” and clutched a bag of crackers like a security blanket. But when GiGi came out, Colton decided that maybe music class would be okay. When they brought out the bubbles in his second class, he was sold.

Colton’s vocabulary is HUGE. He says, unprompted, over 100 words and has a variety of animal noises. Apparently, the developmentally normal word count for his age is 15 words, so he’s well on target for verbal development. He doesn’t really talk in sentences much, and when he gets upset or excited has a hard time telling me what he wants, but the 100+ words really helps in terms of reducing tantrums and just seeing his personality.

Colton is still tiny, barely tipping the scales at 22 pounds (somewhere between the 5th and 10th percentile). He’s in the 25th percentile for height, wears a size 5 shoe and a size 4 diaper. As we like to say, all his calories go into his vocabulary.

Colton has really started climbing more this month. He’s always climbing onto our dining room chairs, and has started climbing onto the table too. Yesterday, he decided this was the best way to play with his train table:

And the next day, preferred this:

This time, he used the drawer as a step-stool.

Imaginative play has really taken off this month as well. Colton loves to pretend to feed his bear and his parents. He also likes to put bear to bed, laying him down, covering him with a blanket and patting and rocking him to help him sleep. He also recently helped me “fix” his glow-worm. That was so much fun, he went around “fixing” as many other things as he could find! The play microwave I found at Goodwill Outlet is also a big hit.

Fixing is serious buisness Mom!

Colton loves to “help” around the house. He picks up anything he thinks is trash and will proudly bring it to me. His favorite way to help, I think, is making my coffee in the morning. If he’s upset about having his diaper changed, all I have to say is, “we need to change your diaper, then we can make Mommy’s coffee,” and he’s instantly saying, “coffee, coffee, coffee!” until we make it. He makes a decent cup of coffee too!

We’ve also started time-outs recently (which is really a whole ‘nother post), and Colton is apparently in love with them. When he was trying to unplug something recently, I told him if it could hurt him and he needed to leave it alone or he would get a time out. He walked away from the outlet (yay!) and sat in the corner. When I asked him what he was doing, he happily said, “time out! Time out!” I’m pretty sure that’s not the right reaction to a time out.

Happy 19 months buddy! Mommy loves watching you learn new things and grow. I can’t believe what a big boy you’ve become!