I have a problem. It’s called: “I buy toys for my kid, and then other people do too, and we have way, way too many.”

And I can’t figure out what exactly to do about it.

Prior to Christmas, we knew Colton would be receiving several new toys that presented storage problems. We got him a train table (he was excited about it for DAYS – best gift ever!), which thankfully has drawers for storage, but is HUGE. He also received the Little People Farm and tractor, plus Noah’s Ark. And all of those come with animals and people to add to what he already had.

Since we knew these things were coming, we made some room before the gift opening extravaganza began. I finally forced myself to pack up all of the baby toys (Sofie the Giraffe, lovies he wasn’t attached to, rattles, soft books), which helped a lot. Then, I moved his music table to the basement. He still played with this some, but I decided it took up a little too much space for the time he played with it. I also packed up a couple other toys that didn’t seem to get played with enough to justify the space they took up.

But, we still have a lot of toys to store. I’m not sure I want to go the route of toy rotation. I think it’s a good idea in theory, but I don’t think I would keep up with it, realistically. Right now, most of the toys are in our den/playroom, and are stored on an old MDF shelf left over from Hubby’s college days. I picked up two inexpensive bins from Wal-Mart to help coral some small pieces until I figure out what I ultimately want to do.

I don’t think I want to end up going the bin route as a permanent solution, since Colton is a big fan of dumping the contents of the bins all over the floor, but I do like the convenience of dumping everything back into bins when I clean up. Maybe something with drawers would be the way to go?

I love the train storage and display I found via Pinterest,


And would love to do something similar when we finalize our den layout. Since my ultimate goal for the space is for it to be fun, but also double as guest quarters, I’d like toy storage that looks good and has some display space. I found an option that looks like it would work well for us, but at over $300, seems a little pricey.


Have you seen any other similar options? I bet Hubby could build something similar, but it would take eons.

My other big conundrum, is whether or not to keep some toys in Colton’s room, or transfer them all into the den. He only has one small bin of plastic toys in his room (and another bin of stuffed animals), which he mostly plays when I shower. I do have a free drawer in Colton’s bookcase, and could very easily have a second, but I’m not sure I want to store lots of little pieces in his room right now.

So, any brilliant ideas? Help!