I’m a day late for this one, but that’s what happens when your 18 month old refuses to sleep through the night anymore, has terrific separation anxiety, throws up, runs a fever AND gets three immunizations all in two short days. Still, lack of sleep can’t dampen our holiday spirit, and we’ve been doing all kinds of fun Christmas-y activities.

Last year, I talked about making new traditions, and we’re still doing that this year, since we’re still in “flex mode” with Christmas. Eventually, we’d like to spend Christmas day at our house, with all our kiddos, and invite over whatever family wants to come for lunch. Now, Colton is still small enough and doesn’t realize what’s going on enough to care that we have five Christmases.

Still, we’re doing some things I hope can stay as traditions whether we travel or not. Like last year, we drove around looking at Christmas lights while we ate Chick-fil-a. We did that again this year (although we actually ate inside Chick-fil-a so Colton could eat and play). Colton didn’t seem to love the lights as much as he did last year, but he’s kind of in that phase where running around and doing what he wants is the most exciting thing on the planet.

How toddlers watch TV.

This year, we watched Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas with a friend and made Christmas cookies. For as long as George is exciting, I would love for this to be a tradition; the Hubs and I are both George fans. Colton really got into making Christmas cookies, so I think I might be replaced as the official cookie baker!

Last year, my parents started a new tradition in our family – giving four gifts. We each got something we want, something we need, something to wear and something to read. I was a big fan of this and adopted it for our family this year. It definitely helped keep me focused in my gift giving and not go totally overboard. Santa does still come, but he just gives small gifts that fit in stockings.

No matter what we do though, I still think Christmas is awesome. And you better believe I’ll be fighting my dad for Santa’s Christmas cookies this year!


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