I love Christmas. Its my favorite holiday, after my birthday. So its no surprise that my collection of Christmas decorations grows each year. And now that I have a toddler, my supply of ornaments, art, crafts and cards is about to grow exponentially.

Now, I do plan to scan every last one of my son’s masterpieces, saving them digitally and turning them into a book, but I love my kid’s art and want to display at least some of it, especially at Christmas. So, I picked up an empty frame at Hobby Lobby, had Hubby put a piece of cork board in it, and hung the finished product over my mantel.

Eventually, I think I’ll need something a bit bigger, but for now, this works wonderfully for the art being produced. Now, I must admit that I blatantly stole this idea from my mother, who has a very large version of this (she claims she used an old frame from Wal-Mart). Hers comes out only at Christmas and displays about 10 or so of her favorite Christmas-themed crafts my brother and I ever created over the course of our 17 years of schooling. Hands down, its one of my favorite things about Christmas.

Of course, I also had to create something else to add to my Christmas decor. I love monograms, so when I saw some monogrammed felt ornaments on Pinterest, I knew I had to make them.


This was a super easy project, mainly because I had everything but the batting on hand.  My ornaments ended up being about 3-inches in diameter, and the letters were varying sizes (the “C” was the largest at 200 pt, the “K” was slightly smaller, and the “M” was 150 pt or less). I modified mine just a tad to make this a simpler project; rather than sewing the letters on, I used Heat N Bond (this also makes this a project that can be done without a sewing machine). Rather than putting them on my tree, I used mine to jazz up my ancient wreath.

I’ve gone back and forth over liking them here, and I’ve decided I love them. Seeing them when I come home makes me happy, so they stay. These were a lot of fun to make, and I’m still thinking about whipping a few up as gifts.

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