Y’all, I am so excited about what I made for this week’s Dare to DIY Challenge! Mostly, because not only did I make something to give, but I also made a duplicate for me to keep – score!
Dare to DIY

The Hubs and I have been keeping our toothbrushes in plastic bags when we travel, which is kind of gross, so we need something cleaner and washable to keep our toothbrushes in when we travel. Thanks to Pinterest, birthplace of all great ideas, I found a simple solution.


I bought two white washcloths from WalMart, used our existing toothbrushes to gauge the height the bottom part needed to be, sewed up the sides, eyeballed the four pockets, and DONE – washable (and bleach-able, if needed) toothbrush holder.

I love that Hubby’s can also hold a razor and can of travel shaving cream, and mine can hold Colton’s toothbrush and toothpaste. I’d love to modify mine in the future and split the last pocket for the two make-up brushes I usually have travel with me.

These are going in our stockings this year, complete with new toothbrushes and travel toothpaste (which Santa always brings), and I am super excited. I can’t wait to travel with mine!

This is a great, easy project that takes about five minutes with a sewing machine, but could also be easily made by hand. They’re super inexpensive to make (less than two dollars for each washcloth, and about a buck-fifty for a spool of ribbon), but will be super cute nestled into stockings.


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