It’s been another two months since my last freezer cooking session with my friend. The meals have actually lasted more than two months, mainly because I’ve actually done some cooking. With all the holidays coming up, we’ve decided we won’t cook until January. Still, I’ve tasted all the meals we made for the two months, so I thought I’d do another giant round-up and review what we’ve been eating.

We ended up making a few things from our previous session again, since we enjoyed them so much. The repeat winners were baked oatmeal, pizza croissants, baked ravioli and marinated chicken.

Freezer Smoothies: These are good, and a great idea for a fall freezer session. I’m excited to get some “fresh” fruit from time to time now that it’s not available during the winter. We didn’t flash freeze our fruit, and I wish we had, because the fruit froze into a giant block and you can’t make a smoothie straight from the freezer. If we had done a fruit flash freeze, I think we would have been able to.

Sausage Balls: Everyone knows how to make these! They are delicious and held up beautifully in the freezer.

Healthy Mama Barbeque Chicken: I liked the idea of this recipe a lot, mostly because it had a ton of veggies in it. My friend and I ended up keeping the amount of veggies the same, but quadrupled the meat and split everything between the two of us. When I first tasted this, I was a little disappointed, mostly because it didn’t taste like the barbeque I expected. The second day we ate this, I enjoyed it much more. It was great served over brown rice (which I did on day 2). This was a solid meal I would make again.

Cheddar Cracker Chicken: This was super, super tasty. You cook it directly from frozen, which makes it even better in my book. It wasn’t particularly crunchy, like I think it might be if it were cooked immediately, but it didn’t get soggy at all, which was my biggest concern making this one.

Chicken Enchiladas: We used my friend’s recipe for this, and they were delicious. Colton loved them too – he ate an entire enchilada for dinner the first night we had these! We flash froze these, so we could have cooked them in smaller batches, had we wanted to.

Poppy Seed Chicken: I had such high hopes for this one. After we had Colton, someone brought us this, and it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had. This recipe did not live up to those memories. It was still a solid meal, but definitely needed something like rice served underneath it. We put our poppy seeds and crackers in the pantry, so we could top the casserole with them after it was thawed.

Ham Mac n’ Cheese: This is so totally delicious! The breadcrumbs and spices added the right amount of texture and tastiness to the dish. I served my 8 x 8 pans as our main course, along with a veggie (asparagus was great with this), but also made an 8 x8 pan to take as a side for Thanksgiving. My cousin declared it her favorite food of the day, which I think is a pretty high compliment for this dish.

Cream Cheese Chicken: This was easy to make (no cooking on your cooking day and cooks in the crock-pot), but it just wasn’t my favorite thing, especially when reheated. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t know that I would make it again, even though it was easy.

Hamburger Helper: At first, I was nervous about making this, but my friend wanted to give it a try. It was really good, and another no-cook meal for your cooking day. I would, however, recommend only making enough for your family to eat in one meal. I was super excited about the leftovers of this, but it just wasn’t that great reheated. It did make a TON, so it would be great for a large family, and Colton really liked it as well.

Beef Stew: I liked the idea of this recipe, but I found the spices in it a little overwhelming and Colton wouldn’t even touch it. I would like to make a similar dish, since this did freeze well and was easy to make on cooking day. I think I would use my mom’s roast recipe as a starter next time, since I know my family likes that.

Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Filling: This is another recipe my friend found that I was a little unsure of. I should not have been, because it turned out to be a tasty and versatile meal to have in the freezer. There are lots and lots of ways to use it (I’ve done quesadillas, but click the link for even more ways to use it), which means you won’t get tired of eating it, and it can be made mild or spicy, depending on your family’s taste. Colton loved his quesadilla (he ate the entire one), and Hubby found ours super filling as well.

Meatloaf Cups: Another winner for me. I like meatloaf out of the oven, but hate leftover meatloaf, so this was perfect for me. Another bonus for this recipe is that you can cook it directly from frozen (love those!). I did, however, find this recipe to be a little heavy on the cumin, and found that my muffin cups needed to be sprayed before cooking.

Pizza Dough: We tried a new pizza dough this time around, hoping the crust would rise more after freezing. Alas, we still have flat pizza, not delicious puffy crust. This could very well be user-error, since I’m not great with yeast. Or maybe pizza dough just doesn’t freeze well.

Any great suggestions for meals to make in January? What do you cook, freeze and love?