As if someone would need to dare me to do that!

Dare to DIY

We’ve been off visiting family for Thanksgiving, so I’ve yet to actually make the “cookie” recipe I’m sharing this year. I made it last year for a cookie exchange, and my aunt made it for Thanksgiving this year. It’s more of a fudge, not a cookie, but it is so, soo good. This is an especially great recipe if you’re a fan of a football team whose mascot is a tiger.

Tiger Butter is a delicious fudge-like treat made of peanut butter and chocolate, swirled to look like tiger stripes. The recipe is as follows; the notes in parenthesis are courtesy of my mother.

1 pound white chocolate bark.  Melt in microwavable container in microwave. (Be careful, it can burn.)
Add 1 (one) 12 ounce jar of peanut butter.  Melt & mix until creamy.  (Can be smooth or crunchy peanut butter.)
Add 1 bag (7.5 ounce) Bits of Brickle.  (Found with chocolate chips in grocery store.)
Spread in greased 15 x 10 pan.  (Don’t use waxed paper because it sticks to it.)
Melt 1 (one) 12 ounce bag of chocolate chips in container in microwave.
Stir melted chocolate into pan of peanut butter/white chocolate mixture and swirl w/ knife to give tiger look.

If you do decide to make this, despite my lack of photos, I would add that as you pour the melted chocolate into the pan of peanut butter, you need to be very careful to keep the bowl moving and not pour too much into one spot. If you do this, the chocolate becomes a giant brick when cooled and you have almost no hope of cutting through it.THe beauty of Tiger Butter is that you can cut it into neat squares (like my mom) or sort of break into into random sizes and shapes (like my aunt), and it still looks great.

If I decide to make this for my cookie exchange again this year, I’ll come back and add a picture. But, I might be making one of the awesome cookies that are part of today’s link up at Newly Woodwards. I’ve already seen some I’m dying to try!