A friend of mine recently moved in down the street. I’m excited to wander over and visit and go to the park with her and her daughter. Even better? She’s having a baby in a couple of months, which means baby holding will soon be less than a five minute walk away!

I visited yesterday for lunch, playing and a tour. I peeked into her master bedroom after she said, “just don’t pay attention to the mess.” No biggie, it looks just like my bedroom – clean laundry everywhere, dirty laundry everywhere, random stuff on the dressers, unmade bed, pretty much the last room you ever think to clean. We chatted for a bit about how this is true for both of us: we clean our bedrooms so much less frequently than the rest of our house because we can shut the door and no one has to see our mess.

She said something I’ve been pondering ever since: “isn’t it sad that’s what we do? I mean, that should really be the first room we clean.”

I’d never thought of it that way before, but now I think I agree. Shouldn’t I value myself, my husband and our marriage enough to want to keep our room not just tidy, but clean? I don’t want Colton to think he’s the most important thing in my life or the only thing that’s a priority, but his room is much more clutter and dust-free than mine is, and I always put his clothes away.

So yesterday I cleaned my bedroom.

All the laundry is put away, random junk from the dressers found a new home (the trash!), I changed our sheets and made the bed, dusted all the furniture, swiffered cobwebs off the ceiling and vacuumed the floors. And it felt so great that night to get into bed, sit and read and relax.

And, I’ve decided that if I think my room is in a state I would find unacceptable for my child to live in, than it’s unacceptable for me to live in it too. And honestly, I just want our bedroom to be nice. I want it to feel relaxing and that it reflects us, not our child.

Do any of you have this problem? If you don’t, do you have some wonderful secret you can tell me to have a great master bedroom? I’m thinking of taking January to really focus on our bedroom, and maybe changing my “touch-up” day on my cleaning schedule to master bedroom day to make sure the room continues to get the attention it deserves.