This week kicks off the Dare to DIY series, hosted by Kim of Newly Woodwards! The first week of the challenge, Dare to Be Thankful, was all about creating a Thanksgiving project of some sort. I wanted to do something that was fun for all three of us to do and reflected some of the many things we have to be thankful for.

Thankfully, I found a great toddler craft via Pinterest.


The craft idea was great, but I made a few adjustments to make this work for a toddler who can’t be trusted with glue and make this something fun for the whole family. So, I grabbed an old baby food jar* and created the turkey face myself, while Hubby and Colton ran around outside. I also did all the feather cutting, and set everything up on our dining room table.

Over dinner, we took turns talking about what we were thankful for, putting them on the feathers. Colton had waffles on the brain, so we had to prompt him and ask about specific things we knew he liked, but it worked very well. We had fun thinking of all the great things we have, and ended up with a cute little turkey for our table.

I filled mine with Gerber Melts, Colton’s favorite snack, and let him eat a few after dinner. I think these would be super cute for a kids’ table at Thanksgiving. You could put a special treat inside for each child and either let them fill out what they’re thankful for, or you could fill them out with thing you love about that child. Or, if you have older children, you could have them make their own as a little “goodie bag.” I’m definitely keeping this idea in mind when I finally have to host Thanksgiving in about 40 years.

* If you have a baby food jar that still smells funny, even after going through the dishwasher, fill it up with hot water and a little dish soap, let it sit, and you’ll have no more smell. Even works for jars that held meat!