A month ago, we went down south to visit my parents. We lucked out with the timing of our trip and got to enjoy 80 degree temperatures. And 80 degree temperatures mean a trip to the beach!

We took Colton the beach around Christmas last year, but this was his first full beach experience, complete with sand, swimsuit and shovel. He loved knocking down Daddy’s sandcastles.

He loved the water too; the beach trips were a success. However, he did not enjoy being hosed off after his beach trip.

We also enjoyed some walking and nature watching at a local nature preserve. There were lots of pretty views, but not so much wildlife.

Side note: I went on a field-trip here in the 5th grade. A field-trip that involved getting in the mud. The mud that sucked me and another girl down so far we had to be pulled out by our teacher. I was lucky, my mud sucking trauma was fixed  by a change of clothes, but my friend was sent home for a shower. Pluff mud STINKS (literally).

We also paid a visit to my grandparents, who hadn’t seen Colton in over six months. This is far too long to go without seeing your only great-grandchild.

Colton thought playing with his great-grandmother was soo much fun! Both my grandparents loved having Colton around and watching everything he did. They also told me the way he carries and pats his Blue Bear is exactly like what I used to do with my baby dolls. Cute!