A couple of months ago, I saw an adorable Halloween craft on Pinterest.


The day I discovered it happened to be a never-leave the house, Hubby out of town, crazy cranky toddler day. So, I decided we need to get out of the house, and this craft was the perfect thing to occupy our time. Colton enjoyed the trip since I let him pick out the green background color for the frame, and even got him a little paintbrush so he and Blue Bear could “help.”

This ended up being the perfect busy mom project. I could mindlessly glue googly eyes to the frame while I watched TV, or glue a few on while I waited for water to boil, or even while I monitored Colton’s snack eating. It took about a million eyes to cover the frame, but I think if I had used more large eyes, it wouldn’t have taken so many.

I thought I would take pictures of the finished product with Colton; I had a vision of him wearing his Halloween shirt while displaying the frame nicely.

He enjoyed shaking and watching the eyes move far to much to hold it still. Oh well, at least he had fun! I’m planning on putting a picture of Colton from last Halloween in it, but I might leave it out a little longer with a photo from this year.Happy Halloween!