Three months is still my all-time favorite baby-age, but fifteen months has given it a great run for it’s money. This past month, Colton’s personality has really developed, even more so than last month, mostly because his communication skills have skyrocketed.

For example, ever since Colton was a baby, when he and Hubby go out without me, I’ve always asked him if he saw anything interesting. He’s never answered me beyond babbling, but when I asked him a week ago, he looked at me and said, “me-me,” Colton-speak for cat. Hubby confirmed that they did, indeed, see a cat. Prior to this, he informed me that his waffle was too hot to eat. So I blew on it, which apparently made it reach optimum Colton-consumption temperature. I can ask him if he wants to go home or go play with trains (at Barnes and Noble), and he can tell me he wants “rain!”

Words he says spontaneously include: bye-bye, ball, baby, bubble, doggie, Mommy, Daddy, car, beep-beep, boo, wee, pap (paci), me-me (cat), Popa, hot, cold, go, people, and no; but he will attempt to repeat most words you say. He also makes these sounds: mwah (when kissing), arf, me-me (for meow), bmoooo (for a cow), ah-ah (a monkey, which actually means Curious George), and he wiggles his tongue back and forth with a uhuhuh sound, which is his version of singing and is also what he calls Elmo. Colton also signs: more, milk, waves bye, bike, water, please, eat, baby, wash hand, brush teeth and is working on train (he’s close, but it looks a whole lot like bike).

Things Colton doesn’t like include: being told no, diaper changes, getting dressed, waking up, people leaving him, loud noises, ans today, his Dad.