A few weeks ago, we took Colton down to South Carolina to watch the Clemson Tigers play Florida State. All of my collage-age cousins attend Clemson, as does my brother, one cousin has already graduated from there, my parents are both alumnus, as are my grandfather and great-uncle.

We have to indoctrinate the kid early to keep him away from the Hokie vibes that abound around here.

Colton is not a fan of loud noises, and it is LOUD in Death Valley. He was super clingy for the first quarter, but really found his stride during halftime, when the bands played. I made a mistake and ran off to the bathroom with my mom and the diaper bag, while Hubby and my dad took the baby into the stadium. I came in to a very, VERY unhappy baby because PAP was in the diaper bag. We might have avoided first quarter clingy-ness if I hadn’t made such a rookie mistake.

Hanging out with Nona while waiting for food.

We were able to tailgate with my uncle, aunt, aunt’s sister and her husband, my brother and three cousins. We hadn’t seen them in a while, so it was nice to be able to hang out with them before and after the game. There were lots of people to watch and entertain Colton as well, which is always a plus.

Nona wouldn't let Colton play with sticks, leaves or dirt, but my brother did!

Studying the game.

The game itself was a little scary, but we won, so all was well in the end. It was also HOT that day. Lucky for us, we were in the most shaded area of the stadium, but Colton had to take off his overalls due to heat. He was not into drinking much water, so my mom and I took turns feeding him ice from a diet coke the adults shared. He loved “eating” the ice, and I loved that it kept him cool and hydrated.

This was a great experience, and since Colton was older, it was actually a lot more fun than last year. I totally recommend doing this – with a little planning, flexibility, and enough adults (we had four!), this is a totally great, fun day!