I feel like I say this every month, but Colton has really gotten so, soo big in the past month! He is now a full-time walker, and can get himself back up if he falls down. He also loves climbing up and down stairs and tries to climb without using his knees or his bottom. He can also go down slides by himself and loves to open and close doors. Oh, and he’s totally off bottles.

Playing his favorite game - "here I am!"

This has also been the month of crazy personality development, which has really been a lot of fun to watch. I love seeing Colton develop into his own little person with his own likes and dislikes. This has also made this month challenging, because he has absolutely no problem making his dislikes known to anyone and everyone in a 500 foot radius. Tantrums abound, but are thankfully usually fairly short-lived. Things Colton likes include Elmo, yogurt melts, cheese, Gerber Little Crunchies, crayons, Tupperware, baths, stuffed animals, the dishwasher, spoons, and stirring things.

Stirring up his very first batch of brownies.

Colton has really taken off in the vocabulary department recently. He now says: bye-bye, ball, baby, bubble, doggie, Mommy, Daddy, car, beep-beep, boo and wee. He also makes these sounds: mmm-ah (when kissing), arf, me-me (for meow), bmoooo (for a cow), ah-ah (a monkey, which actually means Curious George), and he wiggles his tongue back and forth with a uhuhuh sound, which is his version of singing and is also what he calls Elmo. Colton also signs: more, milk, waves bye, bike, water, please, eat, baby, wash hands and brush teeth. He also holds out both arms for me to say “ta-da” when he’s done something and shakes his head no. A lot.

Ta-da! I ate a melt!

Notable events of the past month include your first time camping, first time to Georgia, giant outdoor finger painting, trolley riding downtown, first trip to Ikea and first time drawing on the wall.

Technically, this was totally my fault since I never actually told him not to color on the walls. And he did help me clean it up, which was very cute.

I had a hard time picking which photo to use as his month photo, but decided that even though this is a little blurry, it best captures Colton’s 15 month personality. Doesn’t sit still, easily excitable, very easy to tell whatever he’s feeling and a little crazy.