Last week I had the most awesome, life changing experience I might have ever had. It’s revolutionizing my life, and it’s “just” a hair cut.

The last time I got my hair cut, it was October, Caroline was about to take our family pictures, Colton was three months old and I went to a lady who cut hair in her home. I liked her, but my hair wasn’t fabulous and I was, 11 months later, desperate for a hair cut.

So, I asked a friend of mine at a playdate to recommend someone for me. Until she had her daughter, she was a manager at a local salon with a couple of different locations. She told me a girl she thought would do a great job and, because she was a junior stylist, was also very reasonably priced. For 30 bucks I got a scalp massage, shampoo with hot towel and an awesome hair cut. So, so totally worth it.

I think the best part of the experience was during the consultation part of my appointment. I said I needed something easy, low maintenance, short but long enough for a ponytail, I had no idea what side I parted my hair on, and really no idea how to deal with my hair at all. I think this last admission made this hands down the best hair-cutting experience I’ve ever had because my stylist taught me how to style my hair curly, rather than blowing it out.

Not only did I leave with an awesome hair cut, but I left feeling like I could recreate the styling at home.

I love it. And I’m totally going back regularly. The best part? I am no longer loosing large chunks of hair to my favorite 14-month old.