Last weekend, we went camping with two other families we’re friends with. Six adults, five kids – thank goodness we each brought our own tent!

Chillling out on the tent.

We camped through Virginia’s State Park program, and it really was far more awesome than any of us imagined. First, we switched parks to try to stay out of Irene’s path (it worked!), and we were refunded the small per-family difference in the two parks.

Playing ball at the playground; Colton even got a turn to hit!

The campsite had several bath houses, equipped with bathrooms, individual shower rooms, and a perfect area outside for washing pots and pans. The bathrooms were cleaned early every afternoon and the campsites were also cleaned up after check-out.

Colton enjoyed camping with his big-boy friends!

The Park we stayed in had two playgrounds and a lake with a beach. It was totally awesome. Plus, since we had three campsites, we had lots of places for the kids to play, plus the spaces between each campsite.

Digging in the greatest giant sandbox he's seen.

The best part? For me, it was seeing Colton learn to go down slides all by himself. There’s no stopping this kid now.

Dad was watching just in case there was an unexpected tumble.

The worst part? Seeing the poor boy suffer from unrequited love.

He kept trying to kiss her, she kept saying "Baby Colton, no!"

All said, I would totally go camping again with a toddler/baby. Colton did fantastic – he was so worn out he slept in the tent just fine, loved playing with the other kids, getting dirty and sandy. The only part he wasn’t crazy about? His  shower.