I recently visited with a friend of mine who has two children, a son who is almost three and a daughter who is a little younger than Colton. During this visit, I had the most interesting conversations I’ve had to date as a parent. I needed to change Colton while we were there, and just did so on the floor of the living room. My friend’s son was watching me, and asked “Does baby Colton have a p@n*s?” “Yes,” I replied, “he has one because he is a boy.” “Oh,” says my little buddy, “is it a little p@n*s?” Ummmmm, how do you even answer that!? I was completely stumped and just said, “sure!”

His mom had a better answer though, “Yes. Colton is a baby so he has a little p@n*s.”

Good times, good times.


Sorry for the symbols, but I really, really don’t want people finding my blog googling that word.