Colton is a busy, busy boy. That means he’d much rather be collecting rocks (seriously, I have a small waterning can outside that is now filled with rocks) than reading books. Still, we’ve found quite a few that he loves to look at alone and have read to him time and time again.

Lift the flap books are fantastic, and Colton really loves My Little People Farm Lift the Flap. It’s loaded with flaps, which are a little hard to open to for a younger baby but should be fine for a one year old, and has lots and lots of animals to look at. Colton hasn’t managed to rip any of the flaps off yet either, which makes it a winner in my books.

Speaking of lift the flaps, anything by Karen Katz is fantastic. We started with Where is Baby’s Belly Button and also really like <a href=”Daddy and Me""“>Daddy and Me. These have great, big flaps, one to a page, and tell a story. The flaps are sturdy and reattach wonderfully with plain ol’ Elmer’s.

We recently checked out The More We Get Together from our local library, and since it wasn’t lift the flap or touch and feel I wasn’t sure how it would go, but Colton is in love with this one. I sing the words on each page, which I think makes it more interesting for him, but the illustrations are simple, cute and all about the adorable kids.

The trifecta of awesome toddler books, is, in mine and Colton’s opinions, Good Morning, Good Night. This fabulous book has large, fold out pages and animals with large touch and feel areas. This is a great book for babies, who have a hard time touching smaller areas in some kid’s books, and toddlers, who want to do it themselves.

Colton loves My Big Animal Book, which has real pictures of all kinds of animals, rather than illustrations. This is one of the books I catch him “reading” on his own most often.

You can never go wrong with a classic like Pat the Bunny. This was one of my favorites, so I’m glad Colton likes it as well. He did, however go through a phase after learning all of the actions for each page where he simply licked everything. Strange kid. But now he’s back to enjoying peek-a-boo and smelling flowers.

We just got our copy of Lift the Flap Bible today, but Colton and I both really like it. The flaps are similar to those in the Little People books, the illustrations are lush and engaging, and each page comes with a short Bible story.