I saved most of my baby food jars. It’s crazy, I know, but I feel like lots of places need them for kid’s crafts and I figured they would probably come in handy for some sort of storage. Eventually. Couple that with the fact that I didn’t buy a ton of jarred food in the first place and it’s not as bad as it might sound. But I still needed something to do with them all!

Colton has just gotten into coloring and understanding that the crayon will make a mark if he hits it against something. And, it just so happens that 6 oz. baby food jars are the perfect height for holding crayons.

A baby food jar, alas, will not hold a full pack of 25 crayons. My best guess is that it hold about 19, 18 if you want your toddler to be able to pull crayons out on their own. The “label” is chalkboard paint, of course. I might try to go free-form on the next one I make, but using painters tape made things very, very easy.

I put most of my jars in the dishwasher when we were done with them, so they’re all clean, but some jars still have less than attractive smells embedded in them. Nothing a little soak with dish detergent can’t handle!

I’m super happy with how this project turned out, but I think I’ll paint the lid in chalkboard paint too, just so I have a little more use for this once we get out of the crayon stage. But since Colton will never outgrow crayons, I can just make myself some for storing bobbins, pins, buttons and other random things.