So, Colton turned a year old, then he turned into a big boy.

Seriously, when did this growing up happen?

The day after we took him to the pediatrician, we took away his two afternoon bottles and replaced them with snacks. The first day we did this, he was not happy. Snack time was crying time. But, the day after that, he was down with snacks. Just before he turned 13 months, I took away his morning bottle, replacing it with a breakfast of yogurt right when he got up. Again, the first time we did this was terrible. I wanted so badly to give in and fix him a bottle because he kept crying and telling me he wanted milk, but I stuck with it and the next day breakfast was no big deal. And, while it took him a while to get the hang of it, he became a fan of his straw cup and was happily drinking water and whole milk from both.

Colton has a fairly good amount of words he says: Mommy (ah-ma-mee), Daddy, doggy, baby and he signs milk, more, hat, thank you, eat and can wave hi and bye. He can also give kisses (love them!).

He loves his stuffed animals, and will lay on the floor with his face buried into them. He also has a thing for biting them on the nose, which I don’t understand. At first I felt like it might be teething thing, but he still only has two teeth, with none seemingly on the horizon, so who knows.

Sleep was still trying over this month, but we started letting Colton cry in his bed until 6:30 each morning, and we started seeing some good improvement in his wake-up time (rather than having him get up at 4 am each morning!). We did go in every so often to give his paci (which he would throw out of the bed), turn his music back on, etc. after telling him it wasn’t time to get up yet.

Colton did some standing by himself this month and would walk holding onto only one of mine or Hubby’s fingers, but crawled as his primary means of transportation. In fact, he was not remotely interested in trying to stand unassisted when it was anyone else’s idea, sticking his bottom waaaay out and slowly sitting down.

This is my cheesy grin!