…I’ve been spending all my nap-time free-time crafting (and I have a few more projects to show you!), here are some cute baby pictures!

Somebody went on a hike with his Daddy!

That's right, he hiked all the way to the top!

One of the many gifts Colton received for his birthday was a sandbox. He adores it! He loves to dig, rub sand in his hair, and lay with his stomach in the sand. I can’t wait to take this dude to the beach.

Somebody loves the sand!

We’ve also been enjoying our afternoon snack outside. First the world’s greatest snack was a nice bowl of strawberries, but now the snack of all snacks seems to be graham crackers. I just break a cracker in half, and once it hits his mouth, it never comes back out. Using hands is optional.

How Colton rocks snack time.

Raisins are also a big hit, but they just don’t have the same appeal to me for outside snacking. Seriously, I love the days we snack outside. We ate strawberries out on the back deck every day after VBS, and those are some of my favorite moments from the summer.

Indulging in a favorite past time.

He also loves swings of all kinds, and seems to especially enjoy swinging in my lap on a big swing. Still not a huge fan of sliding though. Oh well, you win some, you loose some.