I sewed a pair of pants!

I’m not really sure what got into me, but I saw two tutorials for making a simple, elastic waist pair of baby pants, one with a free pattern in Colton’s current great-fitting size. Plus, seersucker fabric is only $6.99 a yard at my local fabric store, and I needed less than a yard to make these pants. Smart money in my book. Side note: I would totally recommend working with seersucker as a “first pant” project. Not only is it a nice weight, but it’s naturally supposed to be more wrinkled-looking, which helps hide any flaws you may have when you’re figuring things out.

It's really hard to photograph a pair of pants and a busy boy.

I’m happy with how they turned out, and they were much easier to sew than I anticipated. However, I had a little bunching problem when I sewed the crotch. This is fine, since pants tend to bunch in that area on babies anyway, so no one can tell.

I think I might actually prefer using this tutorial next time, even though it requires more sewing since you aren’t cutting your pants on a fold. It seems like it would be easier to control the bunching problem I had in the crotch a bit better, since I would sew that area first, rather than last. I followed that tutorial’s instructions for the waistband as well, and I love how finished it looks; there’s no hole to cut, and when I’m looking for the “back” of the pants, I can hardly tell where I had to close the seam from inserting the elastic.

Who knew sewing a pair of pants could be so much fun, and so satisfying? I’m getting excited for making more pants for the baby, PJ bottoms for me, and dare I say it…Christmas pajamas for the family!?