Remember the post I wrote months ago about the small changes I wanted to make in our bedroom? No? Well, I wrote it in March and have just now taken action!

Last week, while Hubby and Colton were out hiking (and napping!), I sewed! Thanks to a fabulous piping tutorial (found via Pinterest), I made a piped pillow with an envelope closure for our bed.

One down, one to go!

The pillow is a little less vibrant an orange than my inspiration, but I think it works, especially with the more muted blues in the room and the pattern of our quilt.

Once I got the hang of it, sewing the piping wasn’t too terribly difficult. Not that the pillow is perfect, but you can’t deny the piping makes the pillow look more finished.

I love the extra detail the braided piping brings to the pillow. Sure I had to pay a little extra for it, but I love it! Special thanks to my friend who helped me figure out how to attach my zipper foot (apparently there’s also a piping/cording foot, but my machine didn’t come with one, so zipper foot was the next best thing). Also, that tutorial is so awesome, it makes me think I can sew  one of these with a zipper…