…try keeping up with 23 four year olds. That, my friends, is a recipe for sheer exhaustion.

Yes, last week your’s truly manned a room of four and five year olds for preschool VBS. The kids were cute and fun, but trying to get them all to walk in a semi-orderly fashion all over our (huge) church was quite the task.

There are a few things worth noting from this past week, however. Our theme was pirates this year, and the kids loved that (we had lots of bandanas, eye patches, hats and swords brought in from home). Since this was VBS for preschoolers, we had a room we needed to decorate where the kids played when dropped of and waiting to be picked up, where they ate snack, and where they had “recess” if it rained. I used my galvanized party bucket, filled partially with rice, and hid beads and some dollar-bin necklaces for the kids to have a pirate treasure dig. This was a big hit, but also a bit on the messy side (but worth it, in my opinion). We also made a paper “ocean” on the floor and wall, filled with fish so the kids could go fishing! The fish were just laminated paper with a paperclip on their mouth and the rods were dowels with yarn and magnets. Super easy to make, but also a lot of fun (just beware small pirate boys using them as swords and getting them caught in the ceiling).