Not sure why this is only just now posting? I wrote it before his birthday, added the photos on his birthday, and thought I published it then. Oh well, here it is!


Today you are one year old! We’ve already celebrated your birthday with all your little friends, and you had a wonderful time with your friends. Eating cake, though, was not high on your favorites list. Today we took you to try frozen yogurt (you had wild strawberry with animal crackers), which I think you liked better much better. We also took you on your first bike ride for your birthday.It was hard to tell what you thought, but I think you had a good time.

Bike riding is exhausting!

You still drag your leg when you crawl, but man can you crawl fast! You’re also becoming more confident in your cruising and will do that as well as walk with assistance with one hand. You could stand on your own, but you aren’t at all inclined to do so. You do love getting around with your walker, and can practically run with that thing!

You are starting to get more independent too. You love to brush your hair and your teeth by yourself and are more and more content to play by yourself. Your new favorite game is to push the door to room closed, wait for me to knock and open it, then close it again as soon as you see me.

You had two big days recently – one at a local park and one in the baby splash area of a local pool. At the park your friend’s big brother had a great time sliding while holding you in his lap. You loved it too! You weren’t a huge fan of the splash area (it was indoors and very loud!), but you had a great time holding onto the wall and walking yourself around.

One Year Old!

It’s hard to believe you’re one already, but I do have to admit you’re becoming a very big boy! I love you bud!